Stronghold 3 (2011) SKIDROW 3.54 GB

Stronghold 3 (2011) SKIDROW 3.54 GB


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Release Information

25-10-2011……..Release Date
Strategy………….Game Type
Disk(s)………………1 DVD
Publisher: SouthPeak Games
Developer: FireFly Studios
Genre: Real-Time Strategy

Release Name: Stronghold.3-SKIDROW
Size: 3.54 GB


This is the third chapter in FireFly Studios’s hit castle-sim and siege-warfare RTS franchise. In Stronghold 3, castle building — the foundation of the franchise — has been significantly improved, providing players with unprecedented control over the placement of buildings. This allows them to create their kingdom with a precision that compliments their carefully planned tactics. What’s more, village planning is no longer confined to a grid system; players can now create castle walls that flow gracefully … until they’re blasted to pieces by the enemy.


* Improved building system allowing unprecedented levels of realism and intricacy in castle and village design.
* Realistic physics and cutting-edge graphics bring siege warfare to life in stunning detail.
* Story-driven gameplay engages players across two campaigns: combat or economic.
* Dramatic nighttime sieges add a new dimension to the Stronghold franchise.
* Besiege other players’ castles or defend your own in a range of action-packed online multiplayer modes.
* Play through accurately re-created sieges from the pages of history. Will you succeed where others failed?


1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install and select the language you want to play the game in
4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder to the game installation
5. Play the game
6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy

Stronghold 3 (2011) SKIDROW 3.54 GB

Stronghold 3 (2011) SKIDROW 3.54 GB

Stronghold 3 (2011) SKIDROW 3.54 GB

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22 Responses to Stronghold 3 (2011) SKIDROW 3.54 GB

  1. iman24 iman24 says:

    glad that u figure it out

  2. dragon00 says:

    i dl from MU. there is no setup/ install file to run. above all, there is no SKIDROW folder. please check and let me know.

    and thanks for all your great share.

  3. iman24 iman24 says:

    can u show me what u have after unrar it please