Payday The Heist MP Crack V5 – 65 MB

Payday The Heist Multiplayer Crack V5 - 65 MB

Multiplayer Crack V5 has been released by P2P. The previous one got blacklisted, but it’s back and working again! Payday The Heist MP CRACK V5-P2P



1. Extract SmartSteam_v1.4.1_Incl_Steam_20110909 contents to your Steam directory and overwrite existing files
2. Navigate to your Steam folder and open up your userdata folder
3. Open the folder with random numbers (XXXXXXXX)
4. If you haven’t played the game before skip to step 8, if you have played the game before and want to copy over your old savefiles go to the next step
5. Copy the contents of the 55100 folder
6. Go back to the randomly generated folder and make a new folder called 65900
7. Paste the files you copied in step 4 in this folder
8. Start Steam using SmartSteam.exe
9. Extract crack.rar contents to your Payday game directory and overwrite existing files
10. Open steam_rld.ini and change appid to 65900 and modify your username, if you don’t have a steam_rld.ini you can skip this step
11. Start game

Changelog crack:

- Fixed online multiplayer
- Fixed saving stats, config etc.
- Added tutorial on how to continue with your rep

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16 Responses to Payday The Heist MP Crack V5 – 65 MB

  1. help please says:

    why does my game crash right when i load it? i already installed this new patch

  2. mark says:

    it start but i can’t play online multi

  3. lol says:

    here v6 update

  4. iman24 iman24 says:

    @ help please & mark : try to reinstall it but disable ur AV

    • CK says:

      There is 178 players now , but i don’t see any room , i tried to host a room , they said failed creating room

  5. Koala says:

    None of the links work..

  6. Koala says:

    Im only getting the amount of players and no lobby’s nor i can’t create a lobby!

    • CK says:

      HI 5! , i from singapore , asian and i am getting the same glitch or server bugs at you ! , you’re not alone :D i’m trying to find the fix though .

  7. Egert says:

    This game won’t start after i applied v5, any suggestions?

  8. iman24 iman24 says:

    try to reinstall it but disable ur AV

  9. Egert says:

    Tried it, still nothing. Game just goes black screen and closes afterwards.

  10. iman24 iman24 says:

    i think u should be back to the original crack to make it playable

  11. Egert says:

    But would the multiplayer work?
    Because i want to play this game at LAN today with my friends so i thought maybe we can play it :P

  12. Egert says:

    Dear Community!
    Found a solution to black screen crash!
    You are missing or have beta version of PhysX. Download new one from google and there you have it!

  13. GDOG says:

    The V7 is out now, google will hold all the answers you need.